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written by CCIPR Investigator, Todd


CCIPR and it's members have been busy this summer continuing their paranormal research and helping others that may be affected. Some members have also been involved in attending paranormal conferences around the tri-state to promote our mission and share our experiences with other people. Here are a few highlights from the past few months:

Haldeman Mansion Investigation: The team with some special guests were honored to be invited to Haldeman Mansion last month to investigate it's paranormal claims. After careful review of our audio recordings and much to the team's surprise, Haldeman yielded the most EVPs captured during one night of investigation than any other place we have researched and investigated. The nearly 200 EVPs consist of Class A, B and C qualities and we look forward to sharing our findings with the people of Haldeman and ultimately sharing with you. Please look out for updates soon to hear some of these EVPs.

If you would like to book your own investigation at Haldeman Mansion, it is open to the public. Simply click on this link for more details: www.HaldemanMansion.com

Frick's Lock, Chester County, PA: Many members of CCIPR attended a special tour of Frick's Lock - an old abandoned town near Phoenixville, PA. The team has yet to review any of it's finding from their research but look forward to sharing with you anything we captured from our visit in the weeks to come.

Phenomenology, York PA: Some CCIPR team members attended Phenomenology in York, PA to speak with other groups and individuals about our experiences and research from our past paranormal investigations.

Embreeville State Hospital: With special permission, the team was honored to be able to complete a preliminary walkthrough of this private, abandoned facility. We hope to be able to investigate this fully in the months to come.

Northwood Cemetery: With permission, the team was able to conduct EVP sessions at Northwood Cemetery. This cemetery - much like Duffy's Cut - is home to an old mass grave from the times the R5 rail was constructed and where people had perished in the process. We hope to report any evidence of this investigation soon.

PARACON in Pennhurst: The team will be attending the upcoming Paracon at Pennhurst. This event is also open to the public, but with imited tickets. Get yours now before they run out!

Private Investigation (Malvern, PA): The team has an upcoming investigation in Malvern PA in a home built in the 1700's on land rich with history. Complaints include a dark figure roaming the halls, sounds of horses (that aren't there) and bjects mysteriously vanishing only to show up days later in 'crazy' places. With the consent of the owner, we hope to share our findings in the near future.

So that should keep you updated about the CCIPR team. We hope to update the site and all our social media channels regularly and apologize for not having done so these past months. We invite you to contact us should you have any questions or would like to reach out to the group about any experiences that may be affecting you.

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