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PLEASE NOTE: You must be at least 18 to apply for membership. 

Here is some basic information about CCIPR and the expectations of its members. There is a questionnaire form to be answered in order to start the membership inquiry process. Please contact us to receive this form.

The process is as follows: 1. Contact/questionnaire filled out. 2. Phone interview. 3. Formal in person interview with several CCIPR members. 4. Group meeting and introduction. 5.Membership offered, contract and application.

CCIPR does not consist of "enthusiasts" like other groups, but rather "researchers" indebted to aiding our clientel through methodologies that coincide with the ideaology of CCIPR. We do not partake in any sensationalism, rather focus solely on measurable results from our investigations.

The mission of CCIPR is to conduct methodical and historical research of paranormal activity in attempt to validate and prove paranormal existence. We strive to increase public awareness of paranormal research. CCIPR aims to provide a variety of quality services to our clients in the areas of education, investigation, research publication. Through our appreciation of history, methodology, the arts and economic development, we support community revitalization and historical preservation.

CCIPR’s vision is to be widely recognized as a professional paranormal organization, collecting and presenting sound evidence that brings awareness to and understanding of the nature of paranormal phenomena.

CCIPR membership is voluntary and open to individuals with a strong interest in the paranormal field with an ability and willingness to make a positive contribution to our organization and the field. Members agree to abide by our mission, training, protocols and procedures. We value and recognize each other’s unique beliefs, views, experience, education, training, skills and talents.

CCIPR members will be defining roles and responsibilities as the group develops. All members will be proficient with the equipment, protocols and procedures so that they can go into the field as an investigator. Some identified future roles include PR, Case Manager, Interviewer, Historian, Researcher, Equipment and Web Manager. Members must go through a training period before going out into the field on any investigation and are expected to follow the protocols as set forth by the group during the course of an investigation. Participation in every investigation is not required, but will determine the role one has in the organization. Members are required to attend all formerly scheduled meetings that usually take place once a month.
Any evidence, photos or other materials a member collects on behalf of CCIPR and/or during a group investigation is the property of CCIPR. Members may not use, display or distribute any information without written permission from CCIPR.

(Disclaimer: These questions are meant to help us gain an understanding of who you are and what your background is. CCIPR does not make any decisions as to membership based on the information you provide, it is meant to be a way for us to get to know you and what your expectations are from joining CCIPR.)