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Lead Investigator / ITC Researcher / E.V.P. Specialist
Email: bob@ccipr.org

Area of Residency: Chester County, Pennsylvania

In the past few months, Carol and I have talked about the need to discuss what we feel is the best evidence of the paranormal…. ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication). I have always been fascinated with EVP’s and the sound bytes that our group (CCIPR) has captured during investigations.

This fascination developed into a passion recently for us as researchers in that we set out to find better ways or alternative means of communicating with the other side. Initially, my research started with EVP work and interest in the AAEVP (American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena). Individuals like the late Sarah Estep, inspired me to dig deeper and work harder into discovering real two way communication devices with the ethereal realm. In the last years, my research has lead me to ITC work and the Frank’s Box.

I have read and participated in numerous ITC internet forums in the past year. My discovery has encouraged me to build my own ITC DEVICE. The devices that our group has built, which are shown on our site, are modified ghost box devices that other ITC researchers have developed. We went ahead and tweaked those schematics to what we feel are true two way communication devices. Though these devices are controversial in nature, our findings and results show real promise. Cynics and Skeptics are quick to discredit the device (as I was after the first hearing the device first time myself), however the communication messages we are receiving are nothing short of amazing.

Those of you who have ever did EVP work know in your heart and you can discern pretty much what is a real capture and what is not. It kind of works the same with the ITC Device.


Lead Investigator / Technology & Media Specialist
Email: todd@ccipr.org

Area of Residency: Chester County, Pennsylvania

In 2007, I met Bob and Carol from what was once known as Chester County Paranormal Research Society (now restructured as CCIPR) and began investigating with their team, helping countless amounts of homeowners and private businesses – sometimes finding earthly reasons for their unexplained occurrences, while other times – left with evidence we could not easily find rational explanations for.

Since CCPRS disbanded in 2010, most of the founding members have remained and continued their research under the newly rebranded Chester County Institute of Paranormal Research (CCIPR). The experience remains rewarding – meeting new people – helping them, being able to offer comfort, letting them know they are not alone, and many times being able to validate their claims using photography, audio, video and other tested methodologies - while other times, being able to find explainable reasons for the occurrences.

What attracted me most to this group; we are educated and professional in every manner. Yet, because of a profound interest to research and to help others affected by the paranormal, we still find time in our lives to perform research and investigations for people, while providing the support they may need.

We are non-profit, free of charge to any client. We put forth this effort to help you - but at the same time, collect as much evidence and understanding of the paranormal for our continuing research while respecting your privacy. I appreciate that our group is not like others - we are not enthusiasts in it for the hunt or experience. We focus on logic, equipment, and intelligent research based on past experience and don't claim that every inexplicable anomaly is paranormal in nature.


Check out "Haunted Gettysburg" in our book store with more publications on the way.


CCIPR continously seeks new members to join our experienced team of investigators.

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